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Wall to wall LeBron James

Written By: Terry Foster | July 12, 2014

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I called for LeBron James to make his final decision as soon as possible.

Now I regret writing that. Do you know why? According to ESPN nothing else happened in sports Friday. The Tigers did not beat the Kansas City Royals. No Major League Baseball teams played. Johnny Manziel did not make a fool of himself again in some Las Vegas hotel and no NFL players were arrested.

It not only was wall to wall LeBron James but it overflowed. We saw people breaking down the decision. They broke down the Cavaliers lineup. They even broke down the pimples on James’ backside.

I could sit up here and make fun of ESPN. But it is the right move. His story is the one that matters which shows how powerful he is. There are few out of town athletes we can randomly talk about on my radio show and be guaranteed phone calls. James is one. We could talk about Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. That’s about it.

I am glad James left Miami. I am curious to see if he can bring a title to Cleveland. That is what this is all about. I did hear one interesting comment. No city deserves a title more than Cleveland. Since they do not win titles there, I would tend to agree. Cleveland actually matters now.

James will go on and win more titles, but let’s see if he can win at the snake pit called the Palace?

He probably will.

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