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LeBron James becomes part of our lives with Decision II

Written By: Terry Foster | July 11, 2014

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I wish LeBron James would make up his mind. The media scrutiny is so intense that his free agency filtered into my dreams last night.

And some how my wife got involved. Abs got ahold of James and told him to make up his mind. She screamed at the King and got the blessings from James’ mother. Instead of making the announcement on Monday, like he wanted in the dream, James told the world he was going to Cleveland two days earlier than planned.

It just goes to show that things can creep into your subconscious. It is like his decision is part of our lives now because the media covers it so much. I cannot escape James. You cannot escape James unless you shut off the television, give up the Internet and go and hide on the side of a mountain.

The man has power. He is holding up the decisions of other people. And he is causing fans to do silly things. Cleveland fans camped out in front of his Ohio home because they heard rumors James is coming there. In actuality he is doing a basketball camp in Las Vegas and plans to fly to Brazil for the World Cup Finals.

In his defense this is a huge decision. Back in the day we were always told to sleep on big decisions, take a few days to think it over. Now in the twitter world we have to make decisions in a matter of hours.

Many do not want to believe James is this big a deal. Well he is. I have the dreams to prove it.


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