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Its just a game folks

Written By: Terry Foster | July 10, 2014

Filed Under: sports

Did you see the devastating faces in the crowd during Brazil’s 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup semifinals?

I’ve never seen so many tears during a sporting event. Well one of those faces took sports way too far. A Brazilian teenager hung herself police said because of the loss. It was too much for 10th grader Pragya Thapa to handle. She no longer wanted to live.

It is sad but true. And this does not surprise me. You could see that this loss shocked and embarrassed this country which prides itself on being a soccer power. However, it is just a game. Yes, you can be sad. Yes, you can have a drink or two afterwards.

But it is just a game. I wish someone could have talked to this young lady and explained things to her. This is a tragedy that should never happen. We sometimes become too emotionally tied to sports. In our town we had a recreation soccer player punch and kill a soccer official for giving him a red card.

We see terrible behavior during sporting events. People riot. They kill. They punch and they act like first class total jerks.

It is just a game folks. We must remember that.



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