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Prince Fielder a bad fit for Tigers and Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | May 22, 2014

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Former Tiger Prince Fielder is doing the right thing by not coming to Comerica Park this weekend whether his neck is hurting or not.

I am sure he would be showered with boos and catcalls if he took one step inside the stadium. And I would not blame fans. However, Fielder is not traveling with the Texas Rangers because of a herniated disk in his neck.

He will stay home for treatment and won’t get the royal treatment from fans.

Fielder hit well for the Tigers in two regular seasons. He simply did not live up to the ridiculous nine-year, $214 million contract owner Mike Ilitch signed him to. General Manager Dave Dombrowski said he was a bad fit before the Tigers signed him and DD was right.

His contract, post-season production and attitude did not fit the Tigers. It did not fit this city that lives and dies with wins, losses and titles. Fielder was too laid back for this town. I don’t know what did him in more here.

Was it the below .200 hitting and three RBIs in two post seasons?

Was it the cavalier attitude after failure?

Maybe it was the belly flop at third base against the Boston Red Sox last season?

The good thing is he is gone and will never play in a Tigers uniform again.

He simply was a bad fit.

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