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The single woman and the married man

Written By: Terry Foster | May 3, 2014

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

Friday night I had a great time hanging out with some of my boys in the media.

Chris McCoskey, Mike Stone, Wojo and I got a corner spot at Bar Louie’s in Novi and order 3,000 appetizers and drinks. We also met a lot of people. Some were women going to a male strip club show near by.

Two of the women headed that way had an interesting story. They were best friends hanging out. One is married. One is not.

The one that is married is not a huge sports fan. The single woman is a huge sports fan. Here is the kicker and would your woman allow you to do this? The married woman allows her husband to go out with her single friend.

They go to Tiger games. They go to the sports bar and have drinks and watch games. And often the married woman stays home. I asked if there was ever any temptation because the single woman was very attractive.

They said no. They go out, laugh and there is no hanky panky.

I am just curious. Would your lady allow you to do this?



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One Response to “The single woman and the married man”

  1. Andre Says:

    No, they’re asking for trouble.


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