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Friend shows tough love to drunk guy

Written By: Terry Foster | April 25, 2014

Filed Under: Life

I do not know the guys name but I want to applaud him for providing tough love to a friend. The heroic gesture occurred inside a downtown bar Thursday night after the Red Wings 3-2 overtime loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

One guy was bartending and the other guy was barhopping before and after the game. We will call the second guy drunk guy.

Drunk guy wanted to continue to party. He probably also wanted to drive home because a lot of drunks believe they are OK even when they are not OK.

Drunk guy wanted another beer. The bartender said no. Drunk guy insisted and final bartender guy went off on him.

“Look you cannot bleeping stand up,” he barked at his friend. “I am not giving you another beer. You are going to sit there and I am going to drive you to my place.”

Drunk guy was angry. Bartender guy was angry. Good. Maybe a life was saved last night.

Ask yourself how would you handle the situation?

We love our friends. We want to continue to be friends and sometimes a little tough love goes a long way. I know I’ve regretted allowing somebody to drive home because they insisted they were OK. No one got hurt but sometimes it is not a bad idea to stop for coffee before going.

I’ve gotten tougher in my old age. I have not yelled at anybody like the bartender did but I’ve insisted that folks slow their roll and take a time out before getting behind the wheel. I slept in a couch or two back in the day because I did not believe I could handle a car. And I had friends stay at my place.

I applaud the friend. I hope drunk guy understood when he woke up this morning.


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