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Pistons Bad Boys film a game changer for me

Written By: Terry Foster | April 19, 2014

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Sometimes things happen in life that are game changers.

You can feel the impact immediately. Being in the Bad Boys 30 for 30 documentary this week is one of those game changers for me. My twitter account at TerryFoster971 blew up. I get text during all hours of the night and I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me the last two days to say how much they enjoyed the documentary.

I have been in this business long enough where I write a column or do a radio show and move on. This was different. It still has not let go.

It was my job to try to represent Detroit and to explain what the Bad Boy Pistons were all about. I viewed it in a packed room at the downtown Buffalo Wild Wings. They allowed me to grab an upstairs room and it was cool to be with friends and strangers alike.

The only problem is I did not to get to visit with people for as long as I wanted or as often. I felt like I was hosting a birthday party.

This was an important documentary for Detroit. We need to have more of our stories told on a national scale. There are great stories that come out of our state. We need to be heard.

** I even got a text from Isiah Thomas thanking me for some of the things I said in the film. I understood this team better because I got to know players. We used to have long off the record conversations and it allowed me to further understand what was going on. I knew this team better than any because media policies were better than they are today.

You don’t get as much face time with players today and sometimes you miss out on great stories.

I want to thank everybody for their feed back. I never expected this.


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  1. Eric Pate Says:

    Good job on the 30 for 30! Makes me LOVE my hometown that much more…WE LOVE WHO WE LOVE! PERIOD!


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