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We still must overcome

Written By: Terry Foster | April 16, 2014

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We still have yet to overcome.

Race and hate are playing an ugly game again in our area and in America just as it has done for many years.

In the span of a few days a black girl with low test scores wants to go to the University of Michigan simply because she is black. Home run legend Hank Aaron is receiving racial hate mail again because he spoke his mind about racism in America. And we are still getting through the hate crime beating of a Detroit area white man on Detroit’s east side.

And I am convinced that a lot of the flack President Barack Obama gets is simply because some people do not want to work with a black president.

This is not the 1960s where blacks are being lynched and mauled by attack dogs. But race hate remains a daily struggle.

The young girl that wants to be admitted to Michigan despite low test scores should not be admitted to the school. She does not measure up. I agree with her that the school needs diversity. She simply is not the one. She hurts black people because it riles up whites who will ignore civil rights struggles that are legit.

The Atlanta Braves are receiving hundreds of angry emails filled with the nasty N-word and death threats because Aaron said he kept the race filled letters he received when he was in the process of breaking Babe Ruth’s all-time home run record. He also said that racism remains today. It is simply dressed in a shirt and tie and not a hood.

And I am convinced that the black mob on Detroit’s east side saw red and reacted like heathens simply because the man they saw attending to an injured boy was white.

I am really lucky. People in Detroit are really cool to me. They know me. But we stepped outside my comfort zone last week in Memphis. There was an incident that happened where even the children wondered if we were the target of racial hate.

We were at Graceland and I wanted the family to take a photo near a photo of Elvis Presley. A man and his wife were walking by and I lifted my hand and asked if he could take a family photo. He looked right through me. I know he saw me and heard me. His wife looked stunned and said “Hey honey aren’t you going to”

She stopped her sentence and gave me a look of “I am sorry” as her man walked right through me.

Did he not see me even though I was standing two feet from him? Was he having a bad day? Or did he not want to take the photo of a black family? We don’t know.

What do you think?



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One Response to “We still must overcome”

  1. Trevor Says:

    I agree with you that racism is not over, and I like to think the man who looked thru you was possibly having a bad day, but who knows, some people are just jerks.

    The girl trying for affirmative action is ridiculous. You have to earn the right to get in to a great college and you do that thru hard work and good grades.


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