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Justin Verlander’s march toward 3,000 hits

Written By: Terry Foster | April 13, 2014

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Only 2,998 hits to 3,000. That is where the Tigers news slugger stands today following a 6-2 victory over San Diego Saturday night.

Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander finally got the monkey off his back with two hits and it was a joy to see. I love watching Verlander pitch. I love the way the ball moves and explodes into the catcher’s glove. I love how he is adjusting to his ever changing body. The guy is a masterpiece.

It was almost as much fun watching him muscle out those two singles last night and seeing the joy on his face. It was fun seeing teammates stand and cheer him and even mock him. Alex Avila said it best. There is now nothing to get on his case about. He is now a hitting machine speeding toward 3,000.

Or maybe he will come a few hits short of that.

The Verlander hits reminds us that there is joy in professional sports. He is paid a king’s ransom and should not have to worry about money for the rest of his life. Baseball is a business and Verlander is like a corporation. But for two moments Saturday night that was all forgotten when the mighty Verlander came to bat.

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    best headline ever.


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