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Saggy pants, butt cracks and snow lead off the vacation

Written By: Terry Foster | April 6, 2014

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Indianapolis — We walked the streets of Indy last night and the town was vibrant, alive and there was plenty to do. I hope that downtown Detroit can return to this some day.

They have a huge mall called Circle City Mall. We ate  at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We passed high end steak houses, breweries and just fun stuff. But here is the thing I did not get about the kids in Indy.

I do not get wearing your pants so loose and so low that we can see your underwear. I saw at least 100 boys wearing their pants that way. You’ve seen it. A kid walks down the street holding up his pants with the pockets   sagging somewhere between his lower hips and knees.

It sort of makes these kids look like Hobbits.

And here is the kicker. The guys tug on their pants every 15 seconds to keep them up. Wearing a pair of jeans should not be a job.  I have no problem expressing yourself. You can wear all black or dreads or paint your face in odd colors. But I thought the saggy pants played out already.

** We left the house a half  hour late because we had to iron some things out with our house sitter. We were about an hour south of Indy when we passed a terrible accident. A car flipped and there were injuries. You always wonder if that half hour prevented us from being part of this horrible scene.

** My house sitter called to say that everything was good on the home front, but I told her we were not returning until all of the snow disappears from our back yard. I will see you in a month.


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