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The best April Fools joke ever

Written By: Terry Foster | April 2, 2014

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His face looked twisted, clouded and mangled in anger.

That is what I saw Tuesday afternoon when station manager Jimmy Powers stormed into the studio after he thought Mike Valenti and I had a profanity laced tirade on the air during our show. Powers came in to stop us and more than likely he stormed into the studio to fire us.

It was the best April Fools prank I’ve ever been a part of and I wish I could take credit for it. But I cannot. One of our sales people Bob Turner came up with the idea and deserves full credit.

Here is what happened. Before the show Mike and I taped a five minute segment in an auxiliary studio. We sniped at each other and then Mike launched into a bunch of four letter words that were classic. I celebrated the fact that he’d just lost his job and then I began cursing also.

But this never made the air. Powers listens to the shows on a radio inside his office. He was talking to the big boss Deb Kenyon about some things when the recording began to pipe into his office. Meanwhile Mike and I were doing a regular show but were pretending to be mad.

I tossed a couple chairs to make it seem like I was totally out of control.

Powers frantically pushed the dump button in his office so the segment would not make the air. But Mike cursed so much that Powers believed he could not stop it. The dump button only works so often and we faced heavy fines from the FCC. Then Powers stormed into the office and that is when I saw his anger.

Mike screamed “April Fools” and Powers immediately began smiling. I cracked up again hours later when I saw the replay on our station page valentiandfoster.com. Check it out. You will get a big laugh out of it also.

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