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My first cold in three years

Written By: Terry Foster | April 1, 2014

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It is not a major cold but it is a cold nonetheless and I am not tip top.

I am not here to complain. I am actually kind of happy. It is my first head cold in three years, a streak I did not believe was possible.

I got bad colds every winter. Sometimes two in one season. It was a ritual and they were usually severe. Sometimes they are so bad that my wife made me sleep in the basement and she sent the kids down there to give me soup and crackers or ice cream to make me feel better. When I was a kid my grandmother gave me hot a hot toddy. It was a mixture of whiskey, lemon, honey and water. It sure tasted good and knocked me out. I am sure she’d get in trouble for that in today’s society.

The colds or flu made me achy, angry and miserable. I hated them. I felt as if I could not function or think right. In comparison this cold is a five on a scale of 1-10. I am happy about that. I do not know why I do not get colds as much anymore. Maybe this is part of the aging process.

I also know I have a good friend called Zicam. Whenever I feel like I am going to catch a cold I start popping those babies. They seem to work. So does chicken noodle soup.

Why a cold this year? I think my trip to Las Vegas caused it. My body became relaxed and happy in 75 degree weather and could not handle the back end of this polar vortex. I got caught with a bad germ. But I am already feeling better.


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