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How one at bat could change your life

Written By: Terry Foster | March 28, 2014

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Think about this. Miguel Cabrera pockets $48,000 per bat under his new contract.

What could you do if you got the equivalent of one of Miggy’s at bats added to your annual paycheck? Think of how different your life would be. Or think of one thing you could do to either improve your house or upgrade your ride. You could redo the entire downstairs. You could send your kid to Michigan or Michigan State for a year.

You could take the family on an around the world vacation and stay at the best hotels.

One at bat. Think about it.

You could shower your woman with an engagement ring and put on a hell of a wedding reception. You could make a heck of a down payment on a nice house.

One at bat.

Do you know what I would do? I would redo my finished basement and build a kick ass multi-layered deck and clear out some trees and build an outdoor room where I could chill in the summer without worrying about mosquitos. I’d be grilling and chilling for quite some time.

One at bat.

What would you do?

(Join me April 17 for a Detroit Bad Boys viewing party at the Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Detroit (7-10 pm). You don’t need tickets. Just come enjoy the show and some wings.)


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