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The No Fun League is at it again

Written By: Terry Foster | March 26, 2014

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Imagine if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was your father growing up. He probably would not allow you to go outside and play.

He is the king of control freak. He lays down the iron fist on players all the way from how high their socks are to how they celebrate a touchdown. The No Fun League is at it again as Goodell and the NFL owners approved a measure making it a 15-yard penalty for slam dunking the football over the goal post.

Now watch my imaginative brothers in the NFL do finger rolls and reverse layups over goal posts. They are still going to celebrate touchdowns. So why the rule? It is all because of one incident. New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham knocked a goal post askew during one of his celebrations. So what?

I love celebrations. But Goodell is using that one incident to put the league on lock down again. So that means if somebody injures a fan during the Lambaugh leap that will be outlawed too? I know many people do not like celebrations. They loved when former Lions running back Barry Sanders simply handed the ball to officials and trotted off the field.

That’s cool. I liked that too. But I also like fun with my sports. The sporting world is stuffy enough as it is.

I also liked how Graham responded to the new rule. He placed a photo of himself about to jam over the cross bar with an official blocking his shot.

He wrote: “I guess I’ll have to lead the NFL in penalties next year.”

I hope he does.

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