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Sometimes hate is very ugly

Written By: Terry Foster | March 25, 2014

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Las Vegas — I could not sleep my final night here. There was a lot going through my mind so I took a walk through the downtown area and listened to music.

The band played on a stage outside the Golden Gate Casino. They were rocking it and the crowd was jumped up and down and danced. A guy with long hair threw his head back and forth and allowed his long locks of hair to go back and forth. Then there he was about 25 feet from the stage.

The hater. This guy appeared to be an old rocker that lost his way with drugs. He was probably in his 60s and had long hair, a colorful outfit and fingerless gloves. This band could do no right although they rocked it into the night.

“Geez these jerks are off beat. They suck. How can anybody listen to this junk,” he screamed.

It is not exactly what he said but I refrain from using four letter words here.

During a tiny break one of band leaders thanked the crowd, told them how they could purchase T-shirts for $10 and said when they would play there again. The hater made a mocking motion and turned his back on the band.

There are so many haters in the world. Maybe they missed their opportunity or maybe they boozed it away. This guy was annoying. The funny thing is he hated the show but stayed until the final song. I sometimes think haters actually like what they read, listen to, eat or whatever. It is just that they are jealous or angry about something.

You experience them at your work place. I experience them in what I do. They never give you reasons why you suck. You just suck. The best plan of attack is to simply do your thing and enjoy life.

I wonder what happened to this old rocker. I am betting he was in a band and was probably pretty good at what he did. He simply lost his way and now must take it out on others.

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