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Angry betters curse Spartans

Written By: Terry Foster | March 23, 2014

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Las Vegas — I wore the wrong T-shirt Saturday night in Las Vegas.

I wore a Pistons shirt and folks targeted me not because the Pistons lost another game to the Los Angeles Clippers. They targeted me because they assumed I was a Michigan State fan. And folks here are not happy with the Spartans.

Folks put a lot of money on the Spartans to cover a 7 1/2 point spread against Harvard. And for much of the day it appeared as if the Spartans would cover. However, they fell apart and allowed Harvard back into the game. Still people were happy because MSU was up 9 late. But an uncontested layup make the score 80-73 Michigan State.

That is good news for the Spartans because they are in the Sweet 16 in New York City. That is bad news for the betters because it turned a 1 1/2 point Spartans victory into a 1/2 point Harvard win.

“Hey are you a Spartan fan,” one guy screamed at me. “They screwed me right at the end. If it wasn’t for that bleeping layup it would have been a great weekend for me.”

Another guy grumbled: “Bleeping Spartans.”

I heard other complaints. Vegas is not happy with MSU.


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