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Good luck on a bumpy flight

Written By: Terry Foster | March 20, 2014

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Las Vegas — The flight to The D Las Vegas Casino was bumpy Wednesday night.

That was the bad news. But there was way more good news. We made it and I did not have to sit on the plane next to fat guy, smelly guy, bad breath guy or someone that talks your ear off.

Many of you have experienced flying on smaller planes with the too tiny seats. We are so close to our neighbors that we know what they had for lunch and what tooth paste they used — if any. Some people are inconsiderate and do not realize that if they smell we smell it.

And sometimes you don’t want to discuss your life story on a flight. I got none of that. Instead I sat next to the love birds, which is not so bad. This younger couple were probably coming out to Vegas to enjoy one another and do a little gambling.

They held hands and lightly kissed, but did not make out. I am cool with that.

However, I did sit near “I am going to pound the rock in Vegas” guys. There were a group of three men coming out to watch the NCAA tournament. As the bumpy flight came to its conclusion they started bragged about the women they would get, the great bets they were going to land and how Vegas would not be the same when they left.

I am not here to grind Vegas into the ground. I will do a couple of the Valenti and Foster Shows for 97.1 FM the Ticket, have a few good meals and drinks and enjoy the atmosphere of the tournament. And I am thinking of going to the Hoover Dam which sounds like a nerd thing to do.

I will keep you posted.

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