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Behind the scenes with the Bad Boys Pistons

Written By: Terry Foster | March 13, 2014

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Let me tell you a funny story the rest of the world won’t know about when the Pistons 30-for-30 series produced by ESPN comes out next month.

I wore jeans with large stitching and it did not look right on camera. The producers asked if I had different jeans in my car. I told them I did not.

“Hey take off your jeans,” they asked one of the production crew.

In a back room we exchanged pants. The problem is he wore a size 42 and that is way too big for me.  I had to grab the jeans and hold them up  as I walked to the set up. He wore my jeans unbuttoned while doing his work.

Yes, I will be part of the Bad Boys Pistons production which will first air on April 17 (8 p.m.) on ESPN. I do not know how much they will use me but they asked me about being The Detroit News beat writer and my memories of that team. I gave them some inside stuff that was never reported. They even asked about my child hood growing up in Detroit and what we thought about the Pistons.

I’ve heard rave reviews from people that have seen some of the production and I cannot wait to see it. I am even thinking of having a viewing party. I just don’t know where to have it or how to pull it off. But stay tuned.

This is a story that needs to be told and I cannot wait to see it.


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