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Nick Lidstrom is the perfect player and great person

Written By: Terry Foster | March 6, 2014

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In a previous radio life I got yelled at for having Red Wings defenseman Nick Lidstrom on the air.

Yeah, it happened.  I did it for a reason. I always believed that Lidstrom should have more publicity. Steve Yzerman was gone and Lidstrom remained and played at a high level. I wanted him on to explain what was going on with the Red Wings and how he viewed the immediate future.

He came on. I thought he was fine and then I moved on with the show.

The program director came in during a break and said I lost most of my audience because Lidstrom was too boring and had nothing to say. Do not do it again.

I was dumbfounded. .

He was not the most exciting guy in sports, but I dare you to find somebody nicer. He was a treat for everybody in the media because he answered every question and he was not opposed to shooting the breeze. He never hid. He never lied and he spoke honestly, The PD was right. He is not very exciting but he is a decent human being.  Red Wings fans always knew that but it took Yzerman’s retirement for people to really examine this man.

He not only was one of the best defensemen of all time but the most decent person and never got mad even when people called him Nick Lindstrom.

They will retire his number at Joe Louis Arena tonight and I look forward to his speech. I know he will be showered with love at the Joe. He deserves it.

And by the way, I never found Nick to be boring. He treated people with respect and never wanted to rip opponents or make waves.’

Is that so wrong?


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