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My first job as a master chef

Written By: Terry Foster | March 4, 2014

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My daughter Celine and I went to our neighbor’s house Sunday for official business.

We signed papers giving me the exclusive rights to smoke a pork butt and make baked beans for  Dani Duke’s rehearsal dinner in June when she marries her man Nik the Puck.

The Puck played hockey at Lake Superior State University and Duke has been my neighbor since she was in grade school. She is part of the Coldren gang of Julie McGilicuddy and Molly Mole Tree. I beat them up as children. They watched my children and we’ve had countless backyard fires, picnics, softball games, midnight snow slides and even a parade.

They all got nick names. Their mother is Nancy Nurse and their dad is Joe. I cannot find a nickname for Joe because he does not do anything silly and annoying. So I just call him Joe.

Now all the daughters are spoken for.  Julie is married and Mole Tree and Duke are both engaged.

A few weeks ago I took some pulled pork from my new smoker/grill and the family loved it so much that they asked if I would make it for Duke’s rehearsal dinner.  Hell yeah. I was honored.

But here is the down fall of being my neighbor. I have my poor neighbors sign papers for everything. I think I made them sign papers before we went to Dairy Queen once.

I simply wanted to get some business out of the way so I can be out of Duke’s hair before wedding crunch time when she will forget her name and become too nervous. We decided to use apple wood. The Foster family is doing a Midwest and southern tour before the wedding and I am going to get her dry rub from a famous rib joint in Memphis called Rendezvous.

I am really looking forward to making the dinner. I might even buy a chef’s hat and apron for the big smoke out.

I did have to slap Duke. She wanted to know when I wanted payment for the food. We are like family. There will be no payment.

If you want to check out my grill go to traegergrills.com. I got the Lil Tex Elite but you can get the same results with a smaller model. If you find what you want then call Loren Clyburn at 313-283-0854, drop my name and he will get you some discounts.

Good luck.


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