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Making ticket scalping legal

Written By: Terry Foster | February 28, 2014

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I sometimes run into a guy named Shorty on my way to Lions and Tigers game. He is a ticket scalper and hustler.

“I got some great tickets,” he said last summer to some folks that walked by.

He carries a sign that advertises that he wants to purchase tickets. He’s made sales in front of the court house, by Cheli’s Chili and every where else around the two stadiums. And he does it under the eye of the Detroit Police Department. And by the way ticket scalping is illegal.

The Michigan House voted to repeal a law allowing people to sell tickets to college and professional games above face value. That is called scalping. I will be honest with you. A part of me thought scalping was legal any way. You have scalpers hawking tickets in full view during games. There are offices near the stadiums that sell tickets above face value.

How does this change anything?

** The NFL might move the Pro Bowl from Hawaii to Glendale, Az. to boost its popularity. The only way they could make that dreadful game more interesting is by playing it in a strip club.

** Everybody hang in there today. We only have a few of these miserable days remaining. Opening Day is a month away. I hope you know there will still be snow on the ground when Miggy and the men return.

** I saw the black mask that LeBron James wore. If you can find one for Dwyane Wade they would form the dynamic duo of Black Man and Robin.

** I did not recognize the Red Wings during their 6-1 victory over Ottawa. Was that Steve Yzerman, Shanny and the boys out there again? It sure looked like it.

** It must really be tempting for Detroit King lineman Kyonta Stallworth who said he is going to Michigan State but was offered by Alabama. But Stallworth says he is not taking any visits and will stick with MSU. I don’t get why kids verbally commit anyway. It means nothing. Schools still come after you and kids still take visits.

It appears as if Stallworth is sticking to his guns.

** Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.

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