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NFL should rethink potential ban of the N-word

Written By: Terry Foster | February 26, 2014

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The NFL is considering throwing 15-yard penalties on players that use the N-word during games. This is going to be a tough rule for the brothers if it is passed.

Black players act like they are outraged by the word. They don’t like it, don’t use it and would never abuse it. Of course I do not believe most of them. They throw the word around like quarters although some are actually limiting usage of the word. Inside the dressing room and on the field they use that word.

The Lions use it. I hear it in their every day talk and in the music they played in the dressing room. Should that be outlawed? They are not being mean. They use the word in a playful manner but you can still hear it in the dressing room.

What if a black player becomes angry with a white player and calls him a white racial slur? Should that also be banned?

What about the Washington Redskins? For many native Americans that is also a racial slur.

I go by the old motto that what goes on the field stays on the field. Players use profanity. Some of it is funny and some of it is vile. Coaches do the same thing. Should we also ban the F word?

There is a slippery slope somewhere here.

I do not use the word. I used to. I admit that. It was part of every day life for me growing up in Detroit. I wish others did not but I know I will never live in a perfect world. If you ban that word then there are others that need to be on that list.


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