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Swiss missed road trip

Written By: Terry Foster | February 23, 2014

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Let me make a confession now that the Sochi Winter Olympic games are nearly over.

I got a little misty eyed watching the women’s ice hockey award ceremony and it wasn’t just because the American women lost to Canada in an epic melt down in the gold medal game. Switzerland won the bronze medal and the ladies were decked out in their athletic finest to receive their recognition.

This brought back memories because I had a funny story regarding this team. During the 2006 games in Torino, Italy the Valenti and Foster Show was the guests of NBC Sports to broadcast our show from their press center. It was a fun experience and I got to attend some hockey games, figure skating and other events before our show.

Afterwards we hit this British Pub and drank some of the stiffest drinks in the world. Usually there was a group of 10-12 of us making the trip. One night fellow journalists got so drunk that one guy tried to carry a woman to the press hotel, slipped and dropped her face first to the pavement. She lost four teeth and was sent back home.

I also met the Lesbian lovers of some of the Swiss players. And one took a liking to me and begged her friends not to tell me she was the Lesbian lover of one of the players. Of course I did a five minute investigative report and sniffed that one out. But for whatever reason she insisted on taking me home on a quick-one day road trip.

She claimed it was a seven hour ride and she’d do everything she could to get me back to Italy for the next day’s show. And guess what? I thought about it.

How many times in life do you get a chance to take a road trip through Europe with Swiss hockey team Lesbian lovers? Let me ask you this. Have you been asked to road trip with Swiss lesbian lovers? I did not think so.

I asked my broadcast partner Mike Valenti if he’d be OK with the road trip. But I warned him I might not make the beginning of the show.  He actually said yes.

But he was drunk as was I. It was you asking your woman what she wants for Valentine’s Day and she says “It’s OK. I don’t need anything.”

You know better. And drunk Terry turned into sensible Terry and I told the Lesbian lovers I would take a rain check.

Days later sober Mike said he would have killed me if I missed the show.

I guess I made the right choice but even today I wonder what would have happened if I made that magical trip.


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