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Thunder snow brings major headaches and crashes

Written By: Terry Foster | February 21, 2014

Filed Under: driving

It is interesting to see an accident develop.

My son Brandon and I were headed for lunch when we saw a rental truck slam the breaks before heading into one of those round a bouts on the Haggerty Connector.

The truck driver tried to turn his wheels in hopes of stopping the truck. No luck.

Meanwhile, another car was making the turn in front of us.


Heavy damage. No injuries, thankfully.

Thursday was one of those weird days. Brandon and I left the house to thick snow and thunder snow showers, which you rarely see. After lunch, rain replaced the snow and our world turned from a slick snow jungle into a giant mass of slush and water.

We saw three accidents and two near misses in the span of two hours. Afterwards we ducked into the house and vowed not to return outside again.

I am taking a couple days off from radio because the kids are on winter break. I sometimes feel like I do not spend enough time with them because of my two jobs. We hung around the house and I made them hickory smoked, honey barbeque chicken on the smoker and it was met with rave reviews.

“Oh my God,’ wife Abs said. “This is delicious and it looks just like the photo in the recipe book.”

We shared a good laugh.

It is fun taking a few days off even when you simply watch accidents and then duck into the house for cover.


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