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Angelo Henderson death shocks Detroit journalism community

Written By: Terry Foster | February 17, 2014

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Everyone that calls or writes to me about the death of journalist, minister and activist Angelo Henderson uses the same words.

Stunned. Shocked.

I guess I cannot figure out better words. I felt the same way when I got an afternoon call from my pal Kelley L. Carter who said: “What in the hell is happening in Detroit?”

I figured there was some major political scandal I missed. I was in the house cooking and hanging out with the family. It was a shut down day for me. No television. No Internet. Nothing.

I missed the first wave of shock. He complained of shortness of breath the night before he died. He did not improve the next morning.

I did not know Angelo as well as other journalist even though he worked a few years at The Detroit News, the paper I work for. I know his wife Felecia better because we worked on projects together.

I respected Angelo and wanted to promote his project Detroit 300, a crime fighting group he helped found in 2010. Children and the elderly were being killed and beaten across the city and Angelo and some of his boys had enough. We rarely have guests on the Valenti and Foster Show, but I thought it was important to talk about this and have him on.

Additionally Henderson was a talk show host, minister, activist and award winning journalist. Few of us make such an impact on the world. That should be respected and honored. Sometimes you wonder if you are doing enough in the world and when you follow the legacy of someone like Henderson then you realize the answer is no.

He championed Detroit and Detroit journalism. He will be missed.

He was known as Angelo B. Henderson. I learned that the B stood for “bad.” You have to be a bad man to pull off all the things he did in 51 years of life.

Like everybody else I am stunned.

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