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Safe drivers also need to be lucky during this wacky winter

Written By: Terry Foster | February 16, 2014

Filed Under: driving

Let me tell you about the two near miss accidents that happened in the span of about six hours.

I was driving my daughter Celine to her hair appointment on a two-lane road when I noticed an oncoming car in my lane. We were getting close and I was about to beep the horn  and pumped the brakes when the car swerved back into its lane.

“What was she doing, dad,” Celine screamed.

I know exactly what she was doing. The woman was avoiding pot holes and I considered doing the same thing a couple of times on the same road. One side is OK. The other side looks like someone took a jack hammer to it. If you have a loose filling all you have to do is drive over this road to have them completely removed.

Here is the second problem. Snow banks. We have snow piles nearly six feet high. So there are certain intersections where you have to creep out just to see what is coming. The problem is if you creep out too much then you get in the way of traffic from your left. And if there is a car behind you, you might not be able to back up for on coming traffic.

But you cannot see traffic on your right unless you get past the snow banks. Damn, I wish these things would melt.

A car in front of me put on the gas and barely stayed ahead of an on coming car. It was the first time I was rooting for a car to speed up. All worked out in both cases, but it sure is dangerous out there.

Be careful.


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One Response to “Safe drivers also need to be lucky during this wacky winter”

  1. Scot W Brown Says:

    It is very ruff out here, I work for DTE and am out in it everyday, be safe people, and look out for others.


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