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Fighting ignorance at the Beer Belly as I turn 55

Written By: Terry Foster | February 13, 2014

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Tonight is my night to fight ignorance on the day after my 55th birthday.

I am going to the Beer Belly Bar in Taylor for a beer or two and perhaps a snack. I will be in the area and will drop in because of a story a few weeks ago that bothered me. The bar has a sign that says “No Colors Allowed” and some Bozo tried to create a stink on the Internet accusing the bar owners of racism and not wanting black patrons.

Well, I am black and I am going in there. Most sane people know the sign was to discourage gangs and bikers from wearing their colors and creating trouble. I don’t know why the story bothered me so much but I vowed to stop in one night and in a small way help to fight ignorance.

** On Wednesday I turned 55 years old. Wow how time flies.

I cannot believe that I’ve been invited to play in a 55 and older softball league for the spring and summer. What the heck. I think I am going to do it. I guess they will call me Junior or young blood during games. I’ve seen some of the games and some of us old guys still get around pretty well on the base paths.

My wife Abs got the perfect gift for me. She filled my library with recipe books on smoking and grilling because of my addiction of owning a smoker grill which has changed my life. By the way I am going to do prime rib this weekend for the first time in my life. My fingers are crossed.

Check out my smoker at traegergrills.com. I got the Lil Texas elite. Then give Loren Clyburn a call at 313-283-0854 and he will give you a break on pricing. He played hoops at Detroit Southwestern and you can find him at 12 Oaks Mall also.

** How do I feel at 55? I feel good. I work out three to four days a week which has also changed my life around. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 50 mostly because I stopped moving. The exercise worked so well that my blood sugar levels are below diabetic levels. One doctor told me that I am no longer diabetic but to act like I am so I do not slip up again.

To good health my friends.


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