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Sports writers are often on 24 hour alert

Written By: Terry Foster | February 10, 2014

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My son Brandon was really looking forward to getting a sub from the new Jersey Mike’s in West Bloomfield on Sunday. He loves trying new subs and there was a fund raiser for his middle school.

But as soon as we hopped into the car the phone call came. Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks was fired. Brandon knew the drill. We could not go get subs for lunch. I could see the disappointment on his face.

I had to run back inside the house to make phone calls and notify my newspaper. Duty calls.

That is what happens when your dad is a sports writer. You are almost on call like a doctor is. You never know when something big is going to happen. And when it does concerts, dinner and lunch are sometimes disrupted.

One day my editors at The Detroit News placed me on Justin Verlander no-hitter alert. It meant I was responsible for swooping in to do a column in case JV threw a no-hitter. You cannot stop your life even for Verlander. So Brandon and I went to the Eastern Market, shopped and enjoyed lunch.

Just as we were leaving I got the phone call. No-hitter in the fifth. The alert was officially on. I quickly called my cousin, told her the situation and dropped Brandon off at the house. I rushed for the 10 minute drive to Comerica Park and the no-hitter alert ended before I got to the ball park.

Alert is over. Life returns to normal.

Life returned to normal again on Sunday. I made my phone calls, got a quick column up for the website, and Brandon and I went back out to have that sub.


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