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There is a big fat rat in the Lions dressing room

Written By: Terry Foster | February 5, 2014

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Now Ndamukong Suh is deliberately late for meetings. Now he is being disrespectful of coaches and running roughshod like an out of control bull.

Long time full back Heath Evans claims three anonymous Lion players told him this. I have no doubts that someone might have told him these stories. I don’t think Evans just woke up and decided to lie about Suh. But I do believe he was misled by a player or two because there is a hatred of Suh in the Lions dressing room.

I believe the claims to be false. The allegations pushed fired Lions coach Jim Schwartz to issue a statement through the team that nothing of the sorts happened. I believe him. He did not have to get involved because Schwartz shuffled off to Buffalo where he is the defensive coordinator for the Bills.

“Ndamukong Suh was never late for any team meeting, practice or team travel in any of our four years together with the Lions,” Schwartz said in the statement. “Any one who reports other wise is either being untruthful or is being misled.”

The last word is interesting. Schwartz used the term “misled.” Normally players and coaches flat out call someone a liar. I think Schwartz realizes someone wants to sabotage Suh. He is liked by most teammates but I am convinced others cannot stand him. And someone is trying to bury a hatchet in his back.

This isn’t the first time allegations landed at Suh’s door step. Jay Glazer said a player told him that Suh is reckless with teammates in practice. Glazer would not just make this up. Someone inside the room told him that. He is very plugged in with many NFL dressing rooms.

There is a rat in the dressing room. Now can the Lions find out who that is?


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