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Why didn’t Prince Fielder shed weight with the Tigers?

Written By: Terry Foster | January 29, 2014

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Now Prince Fielder wants to get thin and fit and into better shape.

Why didn’t he do that in Detroit when he played for the Tigers? Why didn’t he do that here when Mike Ilitch gave him an over the top contract that nobody in baseball was going to match?

That makes me mad and it is one more reason why Fielder is a public enemy around here. Or maybe I am off base here. You tell me. I will tell you this. If he were 40-pounds lighter he would not have done that ridiculous belly flop against the Boston Red Sox that killed a rally in the ALCS.

Fielder was traded to the Texas Rangers and he immediately goes on a diet. He reportedly lost 40 pounds and is being viewed as a 2014 MVP candidate, which is possible. Fielder hasn’t had much of a problem in the regular season. He fades in the playoffs and part of me wonders if the added weight wears him down to a pulp. It cannot be good for the knees.

He never lost the weight here and it is one reason why people did not believe he could fulfill a nine-year obligation here. It is one reason why some did not believe he was really serious about winning here.

But he was a Vegan!!

Yeah for two weeks. He said it zapped his power which at least two personal trainers told me that was a bunch of baloney. He likes to eat.

I don’t know what the new motivation is for Fielder. Maybe the Rangers told him to lose the weight and the Tigers did not. But could you imagine the Tigers with a middle of three of Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder minus 40 pounds, and Victor Martinez? Oh baby!!

I wish Fielder showed the same dedication toward the Tigers and Cabrera, who really embraced him here and was willing to switch positions.

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4 Responses to “Why didn’t Prince Fielder shed weight with the Tigers?”

  1. Dave Wright Says:

    Can you imagine him at his old weight in the Texas heat?


  2. KenFitness88 Says:

    “But he was a Vegan!!

    Yeah for two weeks. He said it zapped his power which at least two personal trainers told me that was a bunch of baloney.”

    Certified Personal Trainers aren’t the ones you’d bring a question about nutrition to. With a question about nutrition and its effects on the human body, you should ask either a Certified or Licensed Nutritionist or more preferably, a Registered Dietitian.


  3. Colin Says:

    He is the epitome of a selfish athlete playing for a paycheck


  4. Karen Says:

    We are going to be sorry Prince Fielder is gone. Why can’t people understand that he was going through tremendous personal problems last season and that is what affected his behavior. He never was the type that liked to speak to the media, that never changed. I understand he was being paid millions of dollars to perform but not being with his kids hit him hard and blindsided him, it was unexpected and devastating. Put yourself in his shoes and try to be compassionate. He is a human being with emotions and is a father that actually cares about spending time with his children, that should be commended not ridiculed. I hope this situation has improved for him and Prince is going to have a great year, unfortunately not with the Tigers!


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