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Stomp or chop your way through the snow and ice

Written By: Terry Foster | January 26, 2014

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My daughter Celine made a pretty amazing play Saturday as her team the Force played to a 1-1 tie with the Michigan Jags at Total Soccer in Wixom.

She was fast, limber and on her game. On one play she blew by a defender, punched the ball forward and just before it was about to go out of bounds flipped a pass in front of the goal and one of her teammates put it in for the game-tying goal. Celine had a lot of energy Saturday.

Then the weather got her. As we walked to the car, she did a banana flip dive on a piece of ice. Down goes Celine. The good news is she did not hit her head. But she was sore the rest of the evening. That energy turned into a limp.

I’ve seen a few folks go down during this tougher than normal winter. I’ve seen tumbles and stumbles, dives and rolls. One woman got off balanced in the parking lot at Twelve Oaks and I barely got a hand on her and she stayed upright.

I come with advice. And I am not ashamed to say this. When things get rough and the snow and ice becomes dangerous I do the Chop or The Stomp.

I literally stomp in the snow. It keeps me upright. It might look silly to others but I have not bitten it yet this winter. You got to do what you got to do to stay upright.

This weather is not only annoying but it is dangerous. I do not want to see you do a Celine. Instead do The Stomp.

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  1. cathy Says:

    Thanks Terry for the advice, I have a folding shopping cart and I was thinking if I had that to hold onto I would be more steady but I was afraid to look silly when walking the dog, but now that you talk about worrying about falling I will look silly instead of falling on the ice


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