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Protect freedom of speech no matter how raw

Written By: Terry Foster | July 1, 2011

Filed Under: Opinion

I disagree with MSNBC’s decision to suspend senior political analyst Mark Halperin for calling President Obama a dick earlier this week. I thought Halperin was a fool for saying it but we should be allowed to say what we want in newspapers, radio, television and on stage.  Freedom of speech disappeared a long time ago and we will never get it back.

I also believe comedian Tracy Morgan should stop apologizing for things he says on the stage. He first apologized for anti gay comments during his comedy routine. He then apologized to the handicap for another routine. The stage is not real life. It is an act and what goes on the stage stays on the stage.

I’ve heard anti Gay, anti white, anti black, anti Hispanic, anti American, anti Muslim and anti everything else in the world and nobody thought anything of it. Comedians make you laugh but they also make you think. They make you uncomfortable and mostly they entertain you. I don’t like that Morgan said he would stab his son if he found out he were gay. It was a rough comedy routine.

I do not like what Halperin said and I do not like what Morgan said, but we have to be very careful here. Soon the only things we will hear in life are things that we “all want to hear.” We won’t hear criticism. He won’t talk about controversy. We won’t step into the fast lanes of life. We are becoming boring, predictable and too nice.

We cannot walk blindly around in life nodding our heads and saying “I agree. I agree.”

We should still be able to offend on stage and in opinion pieces, no matter how stupid it sounds.  That is what makes the world go round.

I believe Halperin disrespected the office of the President. It is an office we used to hold on sacred grounds. Now we treat the office of the President like the county dog catcher. And I don’t like it. But guess what? I am not supposed to like everything in life. I am supposed to wake up angry about someone’s opinion that is different than mine. It is OK. I am a big boy and can handle it.

Life is not supposed to be easy and breezy every day.

Some days we need to hear a jerk on television or on stage who pisses us off. We do not live in a land of milk and honey and our stages and televisions should not be peaches and cream every day either.

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6 Responses to “Protect freedom of speech no matter how raw”

  1. Joe Says:

    Terry, its very sad now a days when you can’t speak your mind. Everybody has to be politically correct because you do not want to offend anyone. One of the reasons is because of the aclu and all the fly by night lawyers. If you say something that offends someone, you get sued. You should be able to speak your mind and If you piss someone off, TO BAD! Let them deal with. Our speech is being so controlled, that now a days you can’t say GOD BLESS YOU or MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thats sad. Thank You.


  2. BID316 Says:

    Wrong (again), Terry!

    As a network which covers politics, you do what you are told! I’m guessing: This commentary was NOT cleared. On any occasion, YOU could be suspended for doing “something” which may not be clearly spelled out in your contract. So, yeah! If you’re a correspondent and you insult the office of the President, you get what you get!

    If you “insulted” Leyland for not wanting to discuss the bleepin’ line-up, YOU could be disciplined. You might not think that would be fair either. But if you adversely affect the ability of your station to go about its business, you SHOULD expect discipline.


  3. BID316 Says:

    Halperin is “free” to say whatever he wants as long as he’s NOT on TV or on behalf of MSNBC and when there’s no TMZ-type cameras nor camera-phones filming. He can still exercise his “free” speech by saying S-bomb, MF-bomb, N-word, etc on the air. In any case, he has to face the consequences his employer sees fit. Even WITH “free speech,” the FCC can LEGALLY “fine” YOUR station!

    Those are “the rules.”


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