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Wacky tales on our wacky Michigan roads

Written By: Terry Foster | January 24, 2014

Filed Under: driving

There are two recent driving stories that intrigue me.

One. There is a guy that drives on I-94 with his top down and he does not wear a hat. I am not talking about in the summer. He is doing it now when Michigan is colder than Alaska and some parts of the North Pole. Who is this guy?

People have posted his photo on twitter. And they call him a jerk. I don’t know what words to call him. Stupid? Tough?

I really don’t know.

The second story I actually witnessed. I was driving to Thunderbird Lane in Allen Park when two cars collided in the intersection of Allen Road and Outer Drive. It was a loud crash and for a split second I thought someone hit me. I admit that I flinched.

A woman got out of one of the cars and opened the back door to see if her baby strapped inside a car seat was doing OK. It appeared as if the child was OK. She then got back in the car and drove off with her car heavily damaged. Meanwhile the person in the other car slowly got out of their car, held their head as if injured, and had a bewildered look.
Why did this person drive off?

I did not stick around. But the guy had that wtf look on his face as he looked into the distance as the car retreated into the night. I did not stick around. But did the woman really take off? Or did she find a safe spot so as to not disrupt traffic?

What do you think?


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One Response to “Wacky tales on our wacky Michigan roads”

  1. Laurens de Jong Says:


    You only saw the picture, you’ve not actually seen me drive? I was confused earlier, I thought you had.

    I always answer people who are nice enough to ask, but this is kind of a grey area: you’ve not seen me, and you’re asking others what they think of me. Semantics, perhaps. Someone stopped me at the elevator just now and said I should meet you because you’re a great guy; if they vouch for you, I’m willing to go to your website and type some comments.

    I drive with the top down because I enjoy it and, through experience, I have found no reason not to. It’s not uncomforably cold (trust me; if you don’t believe it, try it first), my interior doesn’t get dirty, there’s not a risk of frostbite, debris doesn’t fly into my face, none of the stuff that commenters speculate about ever happens, and there’s really no reason not to. I considered all those things, I know everything there is to know about cold, frostbite, frostnip, how dirty the air is in the winter, and so on and so on. Everything that people just make up is just that, made up. What I like, is I like being outside, and that’s what I do. Hunters do, snowmobilers do, ice fishers do, and a few of us, convertible die-hards, do it as well. The right answer is the easy one: I do it because I like it.

    It’s not up to me to say if I’m a jerk or not, but I feel bad for my friends who have been upset about the many negative comments on Facebook and Twitter the past week. Because they don’t think I’m a jerk, they have been posting comments in my defense, which of course makes them targets of ridicule themselves.

    I have been doing this for ten years, (two thousand six hundred and sixteen straight days, I keep count; see website), and I have learned how to accept that “haters are going to hate,” as the internet expression goes. My friends, they’re not immune yet. I don’t care that some stranger is upset because they have to see me driving with the top down; I do care that, say, my mother-in-law is upset because that strangers calls me names on Twitter. That won’t stop me, in part because it’s only a few days a year (and it happens every year), but if you ask if I’m a jerk, I say ask the people whose feelings were hurt on Twitter and Facebook.


    Laurens de Jong.


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