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The cold weather leaves me bitter and cold

Written By: Terry Foster | January 23, 2014

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

I give up. I am serious. I really give up this time.

I cannot take this cold weather. It won’t go away and it has me on the verge of breaking down.

I know. I live in the state of Michigan and it gets cold here. I can take sub zero weather. It happens this time of year. But it usually goes away after a few days. You savor the 25 degree days and get darn right giddy when it hits 30 degrees. This has been the most brutal winter that I can remember.

We got hit with the Arctic Vortex. It went away for a few days and then returned. The two huge snow storms do not bother me. The sustained cold does. I take my son B to school before the sun is up. We leave the house around 6:50 and it is amazing how the moisture in your nostrils freeze up immediately.

Sometimes when you open your mouth you begin to cough. I feel for the people that must work in this. I fear that there are homeless people out there trying to brave the bitter cold around steam vents. They are huddled under freeway passes and wherever else they can try to stay semi warm.

A few weeks ago I helped some ladies make blankets for the homeless and some shelters. But if you are stuck in this cold what good will it do?

I don’t need 80 degrees and sunny right now even though that would be nice. Just give me a 30 degree day and I will be smiling from ear to ear.

I hate this.



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