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Sleep walking Red Wings put fan to sleep at the Joe

Written By: Terry Foster | January 21, 2014

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I sat in the lower level of the Red Wings 4-1 loss to St. Louis Monday night with my pals Ducky, The Runner and Tom Terrific.

The Red Wings laid a stink bomb and it made the crowd restless and bored. There was no Paval Datsyuk and I wasn’t sure if I was watching the game at Joe Louis Arena or Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. That is how youthful and beat up the Red Wings lineup was.

And there he was. One row over and one row down right on the boards a man was out like a light. He did not nod off. He did not take a quick cat nap. My man looked like he got hit by Mike Tyson in his prime. He was in a full head bending, I don’t know my name or next of kin knocked the hell out sleep.

The music played. The crowd yelled and the Blues celebrated. But nothing could wake this guy up. Asleep at the Joe. And who can blame him. The Red Wings were sleep walking against the Blues and they could not get up or get out of the bear hug.

The Blues looked like they were on a 60-minute power play.

You heard a few boos, but there were not many. I think people realize the predicament the Wings are in. Or maybe they respect the franchise so much that they refuse to boo no matter how badly the Wings play. The Wings have built a solid reputation and people back off.

You must think long and hard before booing them. Or maybe this is not a huge booing town. They do not boo the Pistons that much despite a subpar product. I also wonder how many people fall asleep at the Palace during some of the dreadful performances by the Pistons.

After the final buzzer sounded some buddies shook the sleeping Red Wings fan and told him it was time to go home. It took a moment for him to realize where he was. But then he got up and walked into the cold after another snoozer of a performance by the Red Wings.



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