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Jim Caldwell is willing to fight for the Lions and Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | January 16, 2014

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Winning a press conference does not mean you will win games.

But new Lions coach Jim Caldwell won the press conference and so did the Lions who showed some honesty rather than pull the wool over our eyes. They were interested in Ken Whisenhunt who refused a second interview with the team and accepted the job with the Tennessee Titans. The Lions had a plane waiting for him and my guess is they wanted to talk to him and not let him out of the showroom.

In other words if he came here they were going to put on the full court press to sign him.

That never happened and they hired Caldwell who was more dynamic than advertised and seemed to really be into the job. He’d better be. This is not a question of whether he will work out here. He HAS to work out here.

Imagine quarterback Matthew Stafford, General Manager Martin Mayhew, President Tom Lewand and Caldwell all linked together trying to escape the desert heat. They must work together, believe in each other and figure out how to erase the Lions’ problems of the past. They either all succeed and the Lions finally live happily ever after. Or they all fail. And if they fail then the franchise will be put on ice another five years minimum.
You can bitch about the Caldwell hire and be all up in arms. But the bottom line is most of you want to see the Lions win games. You must root for these men to get it right.

I don’t know if they have but I fell for the fake. I believe in Caldwell more today than I did a few days ago.

In hindsight maybe Caldwell is the better choice. Whisenhunt did not want to deal with the Lions B.S. He did not want to put in the extra time to figure it out and fix it. Caldwell appeared to be a man willing to roll up his sleeves, get some dirt under his nails and try to fix the Lions.

Of course Whisenhunt had options. Caldwell did not. But maybe this is the guy that will fight for the Lions just a little harder.


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One Response to “Jim Caldwell is willing to fight for the Lions and Detroit”

  1. Sunil Says:

    You are an idiot and a shill. I don’t believe for one minute that you bought into that press conference yesterday. Much like the Baltimore Ravens we have a strong armed, inconsistent QB (Flacco, Stafford), 2 productive running backs (Bush/Bell, Rice/Pierce), talented receiver (Megatron-way better than Smith). What did he do there? 29th ranked offense. Awesome. Flacco regressed under a full year of him as coach. Awesome.

    The Lions panicked when they lost Whisenhunt and basically got Wayne Fontes again. Hopefully there will be two good coordinators to carry the burden of coaching cause Caldwell is not the answer.

    I hope I’m wrong but in my heart I know I’m not.


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