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Freedom Tower is soaring into the sky

Written By: Terry Foster | June 30, 2011

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NEW YORK — The Liberty City ferry drops us off about four blocks from what was formerly called Ground Zero. I refuse to call it that any more because 70 stories of steel and concrete now raises from the ground where the World Trade Center twin towers once stood.

The 1,776 foot Freedom Tower is under construction and I got a mixed emotions when I saw it on our way to enjoy the play Mary Poppins on Broadway. I am always sad when I go by the sight. I cannot help but remember the hundreds of people that lost their lives during the terrorist attacks during 9-11 and the troops that died in wars in the Middle East. How dare they do this to us.

But I also felt good seeing that tower rise. It shows that you can punch this country in its stomach. We might cry. We might suffer. But we rise. This tower represents greed and waste to many who do not like us. In the end this new tower will cost $3.1 billion, have 2.6 million square feet of office space and have retail and restaurants in all price ranges.  In all there is $22 billion in construction going on in lower Manhattan.

Some day I hope to visit the new tower and take in the beautiful view of New York and New Jersey from the

observation deck that will be perched 105 stories in the sky. I do not know what I will feel that day. I might even shed a tear. My emotions over the years have gone from sorrow to just being pissed off about these attacks.

I will never forget the most tragic day of my life time. I won’t forget the faces and the stories. But I am glad we move forward and won’t allow outside forces to bring us to our knees.

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5 Responses to “Freedom Tower is soaring into the sky”

  1. Ron Marshall Says:

    Can’t wait to get there and see it myself
    Wonder what kind of emotions I will have. Enjoy your vacation T.


  2. Sharon McQuistion Says:

    That awful day happened a week before I was going to take my mom to New York City to have dinner at Windows on the World restaurant and visit Ellis Island where she and her family arrived from Greece in 1921. Never did make the trip unfortunately but that is a day that is seared into my memory forever. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Garrett Says:

    Very mixed emotions as well T-Foster! Going to be a very sad day here in a couple months when we mourn the 10th anniversary of 9/11. However, at the same time, it’s nice to show the world that we can move on and we will rebuild. We don’t always get it right as a country, but there’s no other country I’d rather be a citizen of!


  4. Dewey Says:

    Terry, on June 14th seven fire fighters from Brown City (up in the thumb) went to New York to get our piece of the World Trade Center that we were lucky enough to be awarded, it is a 19 foot long I-beam that weighs 15,000 pounds. While we were in New York the Port Authority gave us a VIP tour of ground zero and we got to see “behind the fence” of the construction that is going on there. To actually be there and watch the freedom tour rise up was one of the greatest moments of our lives. Glad you got to experience it too and keep up the great work!


  5. Dulce Says:

    Hello, you should avoid the excessive flight of your fancy. It is not good for you.


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