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Lion fans are down in the dumps and want action

Written By: Terry Foster | December 30, 2013

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I was at a holiday party when I heard the story again.

I spoke with a man who is a Lions season ticket holder. And the day after the Lions were eliminated from the playoffs, his playoff tickets came in the mail. He felt anger and hurt. I’ve heard this story over and over again. The Lions failed season was a kick in the groin to Lion fans. They knew their team was making the playoffs when it was 6-3 and then were stunned when their team stumbled to a 1-6 finish.

Same Old Lions.

You want blood. You want somebody to be held accountable. That will happen but I am not convinced it will be head coach Jim Schwartz. We might get a press conference today. We might not. Schwartz said his day is business as usual. But he said that before boarding the team plane. The word in the organization is that the Ford’s are torn but do not know what to do. They are leaning toward giving him another season.

That is not what most of you want.

Dozens of people have asked what will happen. I do not know to be honest. But if you study the history of the Ford’s then Schwartz will keep his job. They do not fire people with 7-9 records. They do not fire coaches that have a series of close losses. Their thinking is their team is right there and will push forward the following season.

That rarely happens. The last time a coach finished 7-9 and collapsed down the stretch the Lions finished 0-16 the next season.

I wish I could tell you good news. We shall wait and see.


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