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New downtown arena must serve the entire community

Written By: Terry Foster | December 16, 2013

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Joe Louis Arena was voted one of the worst 15 arenas in the country. And it deserves its spot on the hall of shame list.

The JLA was a dump when it opened and it is a disgrace that a great athlete like Joe Louis must be associated with this arena. The corridors are too small, the steps leading up to it are too steep, the chairs are too small and many are barely being held in place.

In the next week or two the Red Wings, the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan are expected to announce plans for a new arena downtown. Hopefully they will get it right this time and not rush the new arena as they did the last one. They must get it right for the loyal fans that come there.

They deserve something nice and with a few interesting wrinkles that make it worth your while to go there. It must connect mid town to downtown and become a destination. The city of Detroit is in huge financial trouble. A financial manager and not a city manager runs the place.

I am sure federal and private money will be used in the new arena. So this can’t just be about the comforts of the Red Wings. They must build a complex that makes sense and earns this area dollars. My understanding is the entire complex will be in the Woodward and Temple area and will include retail, housing and a convention center.

So maybe they are going to get it right this time. I also want to see the Pistons come downtown.

They can name it Joe Louis Arena if they want. They simply must do the man some justice.


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