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The Foster rules

Written By: Terry Foster | June 29, 2011

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WASHINGTON DC — There is a new policy at the Spring Hills Suite hotel outside of Washington. If a member of the house keeping team does not understand a guest they are to immediately find a supervisor that speaks English to resolve disputes.

I am going to call it the Foster Rule. I am happy about that.

The hotel also refunding one night after three stumbles in three nights. I also sent a note to Marriott.com and they adjusted the entire bill which means our stay in Washington was completely free. I like that even better.

On a previous post I wrote about my displeasure when a member of housekeeping came to my door asking if I wanted service. I could not understand her and thought she was asking if I wanted additional towels. I said I did not need towels. She thought I said I did not want service.

After a day of being tourists we came back to a dirty room. Our shower also broke twice delaying our departure for fun and games.  The manager was very nice and apologetic and new rules were sent around the hotel. A number of you understood my frustration and I appreciate your comments.

However, there is a minority that I do not understand. They said I was wrong to say anything. I should have let it go because I could have gotten somebody in trouble.  There was a flaw in the system and if we get bad service we are supposed to point it out. If some of you do not like what I write in the newspaper or say on radio you sure as hell are not afraid to call my managers in protest.

If you get a bad meal in a restaurant don’t you say something?

That is the way the system works. I might have saved another family that stays at that hotel some anguish.  Meanwhile the Foster Rule is in place. Before we left we got a knock on the door from housekeeping. The woman wanted to know if we wanted service.

I told her we were checking out a day early. She had no idea what I was saying and went and got her supervisor to resolve the misunderstanding.

The manager asked that I give them one more chance when I return to the Washington DC area. I plan on doing that. I liked the hotel and I liked the service they gave me at the end. I also know there are new rules to make my next stay better.



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4 Responses to “The Foster rules”

  1. Gerg on a cell Says:



  2. Mark Zoline Says:

    Terry, i travel every week for work and run into this. Just this morning i found my housekeeper to tell her not to clean my room. I did not have a do not disturb sign, she did not understand a word. Tried even hand gestures and whatever. had to go to the front desk and complain that i did not have a tag to hang on the door. That is a great idea. Too many times i am in between 2 people speaking half english, half there native tongue and i just needed something simple. Great read


  3. Carol Says:

    Way to go Terry….too often we settle for mediocrity when we shouldn’t. Thanks for saying what a few more probably wish they could!!


  4. Ron Marshall Says:

    You did the right thing T. If you don’t ask and expect better you won’t get it.


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