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White Knuckle Driving

Written By: Terry Foster | December 15, 2013

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Please do not sneak up on me today. I am in driver’s shock.

It was not a great day for me in the car Saturday on a snowy day. Let me get my goof ball move of the day out of the way. My son Brandon had a game Saturday afternoon in Novi. I dropped him off at the door because we were slightly late because of the weather. I then drove to what I thought was an open spot in the parking lot simply because it looked like an open spot on the parking lot.

The problem is that it was not. It was a ditch with so much snow in it that it looked like a stupid open spot in the parking lot. Thanks to the men of Waza, my son’s opponent, they rocked me out of the ditch back to safety. We enjoyed a good laugh about it and I am hoping I did not ruin anybody’s jeans and shirts as my tires spun out of control spewing snow and mud.

There were no other mishaps other than that but it just stunk being on the road. I had to drive to Waterford for a Celine soccer game,  Novi for a Brandon soccer game and Canton for a Brandon birthday party. You really had to pay attention. We counted eight cars in the ditch during our journeys. Two cars spun out in front of us and one spun out in back of us.

It looked like those old Demolition Derby’s where cars smashed into each other at the county fair.

It didn’t used to be like this back in the day. There were more snow plows and more salt on the roads during my younger days. There used to be too much salt on the roads but we got home safely. I did see salt trucks but I swear guys were spreading salt on the roads by the teaspoon to save money.

It sure was hectic on the roads. Please excuse me for a moment. I need a drink.


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