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Lions are fighting for their lives

Written By: Terry Foster | December 9, 2013

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A few weeks ago we were riding the Lions 11-5 express. Now the team is in a dog fight and there is no guarantee they will make the playoffs.

Green Bay is within a half game and the Chicago Bears can tie the Lions for first place in the division with three games to go if they beat the Dallas Cowboys tonight. And I hear the same refrain following a 34-20 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.

Same old Lions.

How do you blow a 14-point lead in the final 20 minutes of a game in the snow? Well when you turn the ball over and the opponent manhandles your defensive front that will happen. The Lions fell apart and turned miserable. Now the Monday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens can be the difference between the playoffs and missing out.

Green Bay might get Aaron Rodgers which makes them better. And the Bears keep hanging in there.

Let me defend the Lions on one front. They got nailed on two reputation calls. Nick Fairley was called for roughing the passer even though he did not rough the passer. And Ndamukong Suh was called for defensive holding although he did not hold. That is what happens when you become the bad boys of football. Officials see things that are not there.

Both calls happened on the same drive. The Eagles tied the game and outside of an outstanding kickoff return by Jeremy Ross the Lions were lethargic the rest of the way. This team is both annoying and exciting, You never know what you are going to get from week to week.

I never know what the Lions are going to do. But here is what I do know. They had better stop turning the ball over. Turnovers are killers. Earlier the Lions survived turnovers through luck. Now their luck is running out and now they are in for a fight for their lives.


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