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Spartans going to Rose Bowl is tough news for this Wolverine

Written By: Terry Foster | December 8, 2013

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Today is a great day unless you are a Wolverine.

Ohio State got bumped from the national title picture, couches burned in East Lansing and Michigan State is going to the Rose Bowl.  However, it was a rough night for my friend Wolverine Wilma.

I spoke last night with Wilma and she admitted that watching Michigan State winning the Big Ten title game over Ohio State was tough to watch. She hates Ohio State and Michigan State. She calls MSU little brother and Buckeyes four-letter words. She loves to root against Ohio State and Michigan State.

So she was conflicted Saturday night. One of her arch enemies was going down in flames but another was headed for fame and glory.

“These two teams hate my team,” Wolverine wrote. “We don’t like them. They are here (in Indy) and we are not. They both beat us. They run their mouth too.”

Earlier Wolverine wrote.

“I just want to scream, this so bad.”

“I want to puke.”

“I am having a terrible time. I really am.”

Now that is a devoted Wolverine. These are horrible days for many Wolverines. Michigan State is better. The Spartans have beaten Michigan five of six times, been to two Big Ten title games and is going to the Rose Bowl. What in Sam Hill is going on?

However, it is good to see the Spartans get their due. Coach Mark Dantonio has done a wonderful job even though I must admit that I wondered where they were headed during the preseason. MSU improved this season. Michigan got worse.

Congrats to the Spartans. Many in the state of Michigan are proud of you. The folks in Auburn love you as well as couch manufacturers world wide.

Good job.

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One Response to “Spartans going to Rose Bowl is tough news for this Wolverine”

  1. B Mac Says:


    I agree it was tough. I hope the Wolverines Football Team sat through every excruciating moment of that game like I did. That made ME want to call practice and make the Michigan team work. That fueled the fire for all Wolverines. At least, it was a good game.

    B Mac


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