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The Lions should win division title …. But

Written By: Terry Foster | December 2, 2013

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I refuse to guarantee that the Lions will win the NFL North Division championship because that is a dangerous thing to do with a team that has so many skeletons in the closet.

However, I will go as far as to say the Lions should win the division title and host a playoff game. The Lions should win because they are a pretty good football team.

The Lions should win because they unleashed their inner anger and throttled Green Bay 40-10 at Ford Field Thanksgiving Day and hold a 1/1/2 game lead over the Packers. The Packers might get quarterback Aaron Rodgers back but that is a huge deficit with four games remaining in the season.

The Chicago Bears appear dead in the water after losing to Minnesota on Sunday to fall a game behind the Lions. But they are actually two games behind because the Lions own the tiebreaker. That means the Bears must finish a game ahead with four to play.

That does not appear possible.

What could go wrong now?


The Lions are often their own worst enemy. This team always has a chance to win because the Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson combination is plenty lethal. However, this team is never out of danger because of the style football it plays.

The Lions are ruthless, which I like. The Lions are also stupid which scares you. They are still prone to massive penalties and massive mistakes. Most of those mistakes are turnovers and if you study football, you know this. Turnovers come back to haunt you.

The Lions giveth but they do not take away.

I’ve been to a Lions home playoff game. What is it like? Let me save that one for when they actually do clinch.

But it’s fun.

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  1. Jim Says:

    Terry – Best Lions’ QB before Stafford/after Layne: Erik Kramer or Scott Mitchell. Go!


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