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What a wonderful and wacky day of college football

Written By: Terry Foster | December 1, 2013

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Imagine if Michigan won.

Think how crazy this wacky college football world would be today.

Michigan was not only one play from ruining Ohio State’s season. It was one play away from knocking it out of the BCS National Championship race. Now we are debating if a one-loss SEC team (Auburn) should pass up an undefeated Big Ten team. That could happen but after this crazy weekend you can bet more spills and thrills are in store.

For the record I would put Ohio State in for the time being.

Who is to say Ohio State will beat Michigan State in the Big Ten title game? I’ve heard every step of the way that the Buckeyes would crush State even though they failed to crush Northwestern, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. All of those games were competitive most of the way. There is a good chance that MSU can do the BCS’s dirty work and give it a Florida State versus SEC team, which is what most people want.

Saturday was one of those magic college football days that we will remember for a long time. Nick Saban and Alabama get topped on a field goal kick return of all things. That play was less than one second from never happening because the previous play was under review to see if the runner got out of bounds in time.

Michigan took Ohio State to the brink before losing 42-41 when head coach Brady Hoke decided to go for two instead of tying the game and head for almost certain overtime. People will dog Hoke forever. I would have gone for one but I totally understand why he went for the win. I say he has a 50-50 chance of making that play. With Devin Gardner injured (foot) and his defense in shambles I only give Michigan a 35 percent chance of winning in overtime.

Missouri and Texas A@M was a classic. Duke-North Carolina entertained us off the basketball court and Michigan State bored us to death in beating Minnesota 14-3. But that’s OK. The Spartans put themselves in position to go to their first Rose Bowl since 1988.

It was an amazing day. I am still catching my breath.

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