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Lions losing is no laughing matter

Written By: Terry Foster | November 25, 2013

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Let me make a confession. I saw my buddy and broadcast partner Mike Valenti at the Lions post game press conference and I broke into laughter.

I was not simply laughing. I was in tears. He was the man who captained the Lions 11-5 express that I did not want to climb aboard. I knew this team is full of disappointment and tanks when you least expect it. That is the way the Lions roll. And that is the way they rolled over during a 24-21 loss to the Bucs Sunday at Ford Field.

I laughed because I tried to tell Mike to be careful about making positive bold predictions about the Lions. I laughed because I am a person that has been scared by the past. Many of you have too. But I mostly laughed because I saw Mike shaking his head as if to say “what the hell just happened?”

I hate the phrase Same Old Lions. But can you think of anything better?

This my friends is no laughing matter. I could not help myself. I think part of me was shocked. And part of me kept looking in the rearview mirror. Someone asked me after the game how many times I saw games like this? I told them there were too many for me to count. The Lions played hard. They worked hard.

But five turnovers?

Come on man!

That won’t cut it in this league against anybody.

But let’s put things in prospective. The Lions (6-5) own the tiebreaker against the Chicago Bears (6-5) who are both tied for first place in the NFC North. Green Bay (5-5-1) is just a half game behind. It is a five-game season and it makes the Thanksgiving game against the Packers a must win for this team.

I want to apologize for laughing at my broadcast partner. But I could not control myself because I’ve seen this movie so many times.


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