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Brady Hoke must be willing to let OC Al Borges go

Written By: Terry Foster | November 24, 2013

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You cannot fire Brady Hoke. That is not the smart move as Michigan’s season continues to spiral.

When programs change head coaches too often, they normally fail. However, there needs to be a serious meeting between Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon and Hoke. There needs to be a sacrifice to appease Michigan fans and to make this team better. Hoke must be willing to sacrifice Offensive Coordinator Al Borges. He must go.

If Hoke is unwilling to let him go then Brandon should fire Hoke.

Michigan is in shambles now. The Wolverines blew a 21-7 lead and lost Saturday to Iowa. Michigan is not supposed to lose 14-point leads. Michigan is a miracle field goal away against Northwestern from a three-game losing streak, a 6-5 record heading into Ohio State and being a hot candidate for the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit.

The Wolverines have lost five of their last six to Michigan State and must watch the Spartans play in their second Big Ten championship in three years. Quite frankly this is embarrassing to a once powerful program. You used to watch Michigan football to see how far the program could go. Now you watch the Wolverines to see if they can bounce back.

This is not just a Brady Hoke issue.

Michigan has not won a Big Ten title in 10 seasons. It has not been to the Rose Bowl since 2007 and is 2-6 in its last eight bowl games.

This is not Michigan football. It has not been for a while.

The offense looked atrocious against Iowa. The primary reason the Wolverines led by two touchdowns was because of the defense. But once Iowa stopped turning the ball over the offense did nothing.  I did not blame Borges for the Michigan State shut down because his offense was overwhelmed. But this team needed better coaching against Iowa.

Michigan needs a shake up. Borges should be on the chopping block.


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One Response to “Brady Hoke must be willing to let OC Al Borges go”

  1. Jim Says:

    Terry I can’t say I totally disagree with you, but you can change employees as often when you realize it is the wrong hire. Here is my comment on Jeff’s article in the Freep this morning:

    O.K. I have commented every other week I am going to comment this week, I also will next week. David Brandon I really hope you read these articles, not necessarily all the comments but maybe just maybe you have staff that does. Do you see a common thread here, especially the comment from the person that said he was a fan for 40 years now? The reason this is important is it is 8:30am and there are only 32 comments, and for the first time I can remember in any article they are 100 % in agreement. That my friend has never happened before that I can remember. I know you are a very intelligent businessman, I also know of your love for Michigan and the program, my background has been sales all of my life, from salesman to sales manager, to V.P. of Sales, to owning my own company. I give you that information because most people commenting right now are not just your average fans, they are your customers, I know all the cliché’s it’s a sport, no it’s a business. If I am not mistaken all the years you have been the leader you have raised ticket prices. That I understand charge what the market will except, take the profits improve the facilities and the program’s. You have 2 options here as I see it, I am going to bring one of your previous titles / Jobs into the mix here, and it makes for a perfect analogy that I believe you will understand.
    I am the head of Dominoes’ pizza I go public and I see sales declining I see my value dropping I see my stock holders bailing on me. What do I do? I know I will keep marketing what a great product I have and my fast delivery and I will fool everybody into continuing buying my product. OR I will go to my customer’s interview them find out how I fix my business and implement it immediately!!!! Dave does that sound familiar? Yes you were very smart as the leader at Dominoes you listened to your customers, found out the problem was the product, you built a new product priced it correctly, and now Dominoes does not have the Pizza Taste’s Like the Box it comes in reputation. I and my wife for one are one of those customers also. I end with this, I am sure your staff are great men & women but this is a business, managers and coaches are replaced every day, even when it is very tough thing to do, but they move on and so does the program. The longer you wait the longer before the program will get back on track, I can tell you from the word on the street starting is: “I am a long time season ticket holder, this program is not worth the continued increases, I can get tickets for most games now from the (legalized scalping Company Stub Hub) cheaper than the face on the ticket except for a couple premium games.
    The Sad Part is there are many Michigan fans that do not want to even go into the Stadium next week vs. Ohio State, not that they are right or wrong but it is Ohio State week and most just want it to go away. What will be real sad is many will sell their tickets to the droves of Buckeye fans that will come down and for the first time you may have half a stadium dressed in Scarlet and Grey. That should be the Nail in the Coffin!!!!!


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