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How in the hell did Dombrowski pull off the Fielder trade?

Written By: Terry Foster | November 21, 2013

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In a stunning and unexpected move, Major League Baseball named Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski the league’s 2014 executive of the year.

It is the first time anyone has won the award before the season even began. Why did this happen?

In an even more stunning move Dombrowski was able to unload first baseman Prince Fielder with his bad glove, bad decision making, poor post-season batting and cool Tiger braids to the Texas Rangers for a player that can actually defend his position and won’t make Tiger fans cringe.  Ian Kinsler is a good hitting second baseman that can make nice plays in the infield.

Miguel Cabrera will likely return to first base. Jose Iglesias will be the every day short stop and Kinsler will command second. That infield will turn from defensive liability into a super defensive vacuum. You could put Brandon Inge at third base and be OK.

Memo to Dombrowski. I was just kidding about the Inge reset.

Somehow Dombrowski pulled off a rare double play. He brought in a guy we never thought would come here because this is what owner Mike Ilitch wanted. And he was able to get rid of a guy we never thought would leave because of his massive contract. Do not blame Dombrowski for bringing in Fielder. When the boss says do something, then you do it.

Dombrowski said Fielder was a bad fit before he got here and he was right. Fielder is not a bad guy. He simply cannot hit in the playoffs and his numbers were in decline with the Tigers. That contract was beginning to strangle the Tigers around the neck. Fielder would never live up to it.

No way. No how. He might be able to come close in Texas because of the short Tiger Stadium like right field porch. He was done in Detroit.

The fans were on him not because he hit poorly in the playoffs but also because the bad performances rolled off Fielder like water off a duck. Fielder did not appear to be half as bothered as fans. The relationship between player and fans would get worse and worse and worse.

I do not say good riddance, because Fielder is a good dude. There was just too much swirling around him here. But I do say good bye and so long. It just did not work out here.


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One Response to “How in the hell did Dombrowski pull off the Fielder trade?”

  1. cathy Says:

    I agree Terry, the fit just was not right, he was a good guy, I think he just has a lay back attitude that just rubbed some fans wrong, I do somewhat wish we kept him, after all he did bring in a lot of runs in the regular season, but I think a fresh start for him and the Tigers is the best thing


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