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The Tigers should be in the World Series damn it

Written By: Terry Foster | October 24, 2013

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Do you want to hear something silly?

I thought of going downtown Wednesday night for the hell of it. I thought of going to The Well, Cheli’s, The Dirty Trick and Harry’s.  We all should have been downtown Wednesday night. We should also be there tonight.


Because the friggin’ Tigers should be playing in the World Series. It was really annoying to watch the Boston Red Sox dismantle St. Louis 8-0 in Game 1 of the World Series Wednesday night. This is a dream for the national media as big market team Boston takes on St. Louis which is perhaps the best baseball town in America.

But I can’t help but think that the Tigers were  a groin injury away from representing the D. Forget the Prince Fielder disappearing act, the bull pen melt down and all that other stuff. I am convinced that if Miguel Cabrera were healthy the Tigers would still be playing.

** We hear rumors that the Tigers might trade pitcher Max Scherzer next season because they won’t be able to afford him when he becomes a free agent after the 2014 season. The Tigers could lose him without compensation or try to get some prospects and another front line player for him. I say do not trade Max. The idea is to win a title next year and the Tigers should go all out and do not think about the future.

Just win baby!

** I do not think Lloyd McClendon will replace Jim Leyland as the Tigers manager, but I am preparing as if he will. I know a number of you would go absolutely ape spit if that happened. I am here to console you, just in case.

** Let me begin by saying that the majority of people I meet are great. But a snot ass came up to me the other day and said “I just want to let you know I never listen to your radio show.”

Then he waited for me to get angry and tell him to go play with himself.

My response was simple.

“America. You are free to do as you please.”


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