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What a crappy weekend

Written By: Terry Foster | October 21, 2013

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Calvin Johnson almost always has something to say after games. It might not be much. It might not be interesting because he is an introvert at heart. But he gives media his time when he can.

This time, after the Lions 27-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, he dressed, packed up and left without a word. It did not surprise me Johnson would walk away even though he had big moments in a big loss. Sometimes athletes do not want to address the media following a devastating loss like this.

Louis Delmas is usually very talkative also. But he did the same. He dressed, put on his cologne and he took off. This wasn’t any old loss. It was a kick to the teeth for the Lions. I might have thought the Bengals were the better team, but the Lions sure did not feel that way. They were in different stages of shock, hurt, anger and bewilderment.

What a messed up weekend.

I knew I was going to watch Justin Verlander pitch in Game 7 of the ALCS. But the Tigers bullpen gave up its second grand slam home run the night before and the Red Sox eliminated the Tigers in 6. That entire series was a buster. Miguel Cabrera played hurt and Prince Fielder played as if his feelings were hurt.

We all knew Fielder was busted with the way he was hitting, but it became official when he got trapped in that run down between third base and home and couldn’t even slide back to third. Instead he spun himself into the ground.

It was a busted up play on a busted up weekend. The Tigers are eliminated and the Lions lose a home game on a 54-yard field goal. It was a busted weekend for Detroit sports.

I saw a woman cry, a man pound his fist and have heard your cries of injustice. Hopefully, we can move past this at some point.

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